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The management of a training team or a significant training project requires a distinctive skill set.

Training management services

The Training Manager needs a tool bag of knowledge and skills which could include:

  • knowledge of the training process,
  • an appreciation of how trainers operate,
  • leadership skills,
  • negotiation skills,
  • an understanding of project management, and
  • high level communication skills.

Contrail Solutions appreciates the challenges of training management and advocates a systematic approach like the Instructional System Design (ISD) [also known as the Systems Approach to Training (SAT)]. ISD is a systematic, problem solving to the production of a training solution, as depicted in the figure below.

process diagram

Instructional System Design Model

Training management advice

Contrail Solutions understands that the advice required will vary depending on what stage a training program is and can help with:

  • Planning (including establishing the program baseline, outlining required, program coordination, pricing and customer relationship)
  • Review of plans
  • Implementation of a systematic approach.

Training needs analyses

The Training Needs Analysis is the first phase of implementing a structured training program. In this phase the actual training needs are determined. It is necessary to clearly define the FROM (the baseline skill set of potential trainees) and the TO (the skill set required to operate, maintain and/or support the new "system").

Contrail Solutions can provide specialist training support for the conduct and/or coordination of a Training Needs Analysis. We know that this is a key step in the establishment of a training solution.

Training procedures and document development

Throughout the training program it is necessary to establish and document policy and procedures. This is necessary to facilitate the training of staff, ensuring that a quality process is in place, creation of an auditable process, and it is a demonstrable method of gaining customer confidence.

Contrail Solutions can assist with the development and improvement of training procedures.

We can also provide assistance with documenting and/or reviewing training plans, policies and procedures.

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